About the Resort

Dhiggiri Tourist Resort

OVER WATER RESTAURANT | Stare at the sea and face the horizon. Our Over Water Restaurant creates out of the meals a poetry of sounds, colors and taste.

MAIN BAR | Accompanied by background or live music, here you can spend moments of peace having a coffee, reading a book or sharing you time with people.

RELAX | Let yourself be transported by the tranquility of our Maadigha spa. A cozy and quiet place where you can abandon yourself thanks to the best massage techniques and rebalance your senses.

Dhiggiri is an island of about three hectares located in the quiet and fascinating Vaavu atoll, which is 20 minutes by seaplane and 90 minutes by speed boat north of Male. It can be considered a “niche” atoll that only the great enthusiasts of the Maldives know well for the splendid points of immersion and for its distinctive naturalistic note. Its low population density and the consequent small number of human settlements, make its astounding natural landscapes, able to conquer the eyes and the heart of those who cross it.

Feel the sand under your feet tasting the best of Italian and Maldivian cuisine at our All Inclusive Restaurant.

Dhiggiri it's not only a tropical paradise for the sun, the beautiful beach and the surrounding nature. Underwater there is a real world to discover and you can do it together with the TGI Diving staff. The island is located close to a wide selection of unique diving sites, some of which are on the list of the best diving sites in the world.

Completely restored in 2016, the Dhiggiri Resort has reborn with a new look, yet mantaining the values that have characterized its management over the last 20 years: love and respect for the enviroment.